Private Global IP Transport


   VectorInter.Net moves the "ones" and "zeros" that makes your internet work. GigaBytes, TeraBytes and Petabytes of data are still just bits and bytes to us. What the point of a "connected world", if your enterprise or your customer-base sees latency and delay. Moving data across the globe has become more and more critical [and more and more affordable] for smaller and smaller enterprise customers.

   VectorInter.Net offers a global network of commercially private and securely-managed network-operations/hosting facilities connected by a "fully-lit" Tier 1 IP backbone, owned and operated by our privately-held corporate structures. We are not a "legacy telecom" or public/shareholder-based entity with the disclosure requirements those ownership structures require. VectorInternet is uniquely able to offer "invisible" and private world-class facilities, designed from Day1, to eliminate threats posed to your data by curious competitors, global/regional network tragedies, massive power outages, or fire hazards, weather events and human/political security issues. This website is intentionally devoid of contact information.

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