VectorInter.Net "delivers" on a 100% optical ip/backbone transport network to global enterprises and telecom partners. We connect the world with a Tier 1 optical-switched network and fiber capacity to met the needs of an "on-line" reality.

We support our clients needs with facilities management, network connectivity across the globe, and wholesale services to the web site hosting, media distibution and enterprise-grade web-based platforms.

Our “un-branded” data-centres and telecomminications facilities are managed for global operators, off-loading risk, expense and non-core expertise to a team with parallel values.

We absorb redundant or "excess" facilities [and staff], into the "Vector" global platform, creating a "win-win" for service providers, clients, customers and people with skills. We strive to be invisible to the competitive landscape of our client users.

Vector Internet

You can read "How things work" in the newsletter archives, a library of historical postings from the 1990s.

Learn Who invented the @ symbol found in every e-mail address, How Search engines "work" and read the legendary, "infamous" "Santa Claus Memo".

About us: VectorInter.Net

If you've arrived at this page expecting to see content or link(s) that don't appear, be aware that for the last several years, we have supported institutional clients and do not feel the need to have a web presence. Yes, we know it's counter-intuitive, but, a highly SEO web site just generates inquiries and "retail" interest for services we do not provide. We operate as a truely private "IP/Transport facility", and do not accept "retail" customers. Thank you for your interest in VectorInter.Net, an operating entity of the Vector Trust family of companies.